"What makes a first-class photographer? It is the love of people.

What makes for moving photos? It is the courage to take a step forward."


- Daisaku Ikeda

              Abhishek Lamba


is an independent filmmaker, photographer and musician, whose work has won awards at MICA Ahmedabad, the Kalaghoda Festival (2014), Channel [V] NokiaIndia Fest, (2013), the 48 hour Ahmedabad Film Project (2013) and many more.


One of Abhishek’s favourite photographs is one of his dogs lying next to each other.


"I think it captures a great memory of the calm, steady companionship present between Romeo and Rascal. I feel a good photograph is about capturing that connection that binds us all- whether it's friendship or love, it's got to show through in its truest form," he says.



is a freelance photographer, artist and singer based in Mumbai. 


One of Riya's favourite photographs is of these three

Kashmiri girls, smiling up at the camera. 


"This picture speaks to me because of the expressions on the girls' faces. We shared only that fleeting moment in space and time, and yet they've left an unforgettable memory. For me, a good photograph is an expression of the human connection; that shy, honest smile that speaks more clearly than any language ever could," says Riya. 

Riya Kartha